Who am I ?

A bit about Me

Career mantra: Focus on people, listen before speaking, think about alternatives and; have fun doing it

I received my Ph.D. in Information Systems from Brunel University in U.K. under the supervision of Prof. Guy Fitzgerald.

The thesis (Title: Requirements Dilemma) examined the requirements elicitation process undertaken by a local government project group in a yearlong in-depth case study. The conclusion from the analysis deepened the understanding of the elliptical misalignment between the theoretical and the empirical world of requirements knowledge.

I have been a member of British Computer Society since 2002. Also, I have presented several research papers at UKAIS, IADIS International Conference, and OOPSLA Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications.

Currently; Associate Researcher member of ESTR Group, Brunel University. The research focuses on requirements and examining the phenomenon of Web2.0, emerging technologies and social networking.

I also work for The Open University on the OU-T320 - E-business technologies: foundations and practice Associate Lecturer and Mentor. Which examins the 'rapidly changing technologies driving fundamental changes in the way that businesses interact with their customers, business partners, and government'.

I additionally have interests in research methods and approaches specializing in conversational analysis and Ethnomethodology.

I have previously studied philosophy at Birkbeck College London.

My philosophical outlook, thinking and work owe much to the writing of Alfred Schutz. What do I do?

I undertake research based upon ethnographic principles. The understanding local rationales for 'doing work'

Why do I do it ?

A fundamental change is occurring in the way people, organization and companies live and work together. The Web is orchestrating collaboration and innovation to create connections and concepts in perspectives that is different than the world that we physically live in. This not only demands; new kinds of cooperation, both economic and social, in exploring this Web World, but also, requires knowledge work to understand, solve and create new opportunities.

This, is 'my-space' as a space-place, to collect things together, a window for organizing, seeking explanations and sense-making in this journey into the global Web.